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New Year, New Blog!

Hey guys, feels weird writing a blog after such a long absence (sorry)  2018 was a very productive but busy year for us at Harvey’s World, it was full of new ideas and creations. We hope to bring you many more of these throughout 2019. More on those later

Bob and Bob JR also had a mega busy year with lots od adventures See Bobs Photos Here

Over the Christmas period Bob and Bob JR were viisted by a new friend She was called Holly McJingles, Holly was a very naughty elf and she always wanted to get Bob ad Bob Jr involved in her mischief. Bob and Bob Jr got a little tiny bit jealous of all the attention Holly was getting so they decided to make decorations for their tree in their very own grotto.


So What’s New In Harvey’s World for 2019 ?!

in case youve missed ( where have you been ) right now we have a HTS giveaway There are many chances to enter all over Harvey’s World. The price is a fab Custom made  Little Miss H doll. All you have to do is comment a reason on why you deserve to win  You can entered by commenting on the HarveysToyShed  Facebook Page,  the Harveysworld Facebook Group and theres an extra chance right here by commenting on this blog post. This giveaway ends on Friday the 25th January at 8pm, so if you want to be in with the chance of winning you must be quick. GOOD LUCK xx


Over in Harvey world Group we have started some regular post throughout the week for you to get involved with We Have Midweek motivation – post your favorite motivational quote or picture youve seen, you never know you could make someone become that motivated to do something amazing.

Friday Chit Chat is exactly that, us having a general chit chat with everyone in the group This could how your week has been and what is upcoming for the weekend or anything that crops up

If you too have your own small business then Sharing Thursday is for you Here is you can share your own page, friends page or your favorite page!

More weekly post come over the next few weeks plus our usual games and giveaway So make sure you pop along and join in the fun


And finally a bit of news about the new creations coming, we are expanding our Little Miss H collection with new outfits and new animals! Who would you like to see next ? How about a llama or horse ? See the collection here

We’re working away behind the scenes on brand new designs for HarveysHouse There will also be an exclusive range coming to Harvey’s world which will contain a large selection of vinyl items.

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That’s all for now Don’t forget to keep update with all the Harveys World news like our pages and join our group –

HarveysToyShed    HarveysHouse and Harvey’s World

Take Care

Denise and the Harvey’s World Team xx

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